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Helping women belong
to their own bodies and lives.

Kaitlyn's work revolves around the concept of "kara" which is the Gaelic word for friend and the latin root word for beloved. She believes that true transformation happens when we can befriend the parts of us we have outcast and come home to the fullness of  our selves.

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Embodiment is central to how I engage my life and work. I love helping people get more settled in their own bone and sinew and trust the depths of knowing deep in their bellies. Jungian Psychology and Attachment Theory are a couple schools of thought that influence my work and my worldview. I think play heals, relationships are everything and adventure is waiting!  My sweet spot is co-creating a sacred space for women to deepen their knowing and integrate parts of themselves they’ve cast out. I love coaching women around the topics of desire and sovereignty and working with clients who are in spiritual transitions.


My favorite place to be is on the water - on my boat, in a kayak, swimming, you name it! When I’m not on the water, I’m usually in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with my partner, Peter, and my pup, Solo.